Our Bus

All our vintage vehicles are restored in house by time-served craftsmen. No expense is spared on kitting out the vehicles to their full glory whilst still preserving the historic features of the vehicles.

About our London Routemaster

Our London Routemaster was built in 1965 and spent its first ten years working in the outer suburbs as a Greenline bus in the Redhill area. She moved to central London around 1975 and worked as a standard red London bus until withdrawal in 2005. She received a mid-life refit with a new engine in, of all places, Rotherham, and ended her London career working in West London until being withdrawn. After three years of living in a barn, she came to the north Midlands and started operation as a wedding bus in 2008, working out of Finningley and, later, Oldcotes. She moved to Sheffield in 2020.

Personalise your bus!

For those who like the technical details, she is an RML. The first Routemasters, introduced in the 1950’s (coded RM’s) were 64 seat buses, but it was soon realised that more seats were needed. This was achieved by adding a two foot length to the middle of the vehicle, as can be seen by the smaller square window in the middle of the bus, giving an extra four seats downstairs and another four upstairs – giving us the 72 seat vehicle we have. The RML code for our bus stands for “Routemaster Long”! She is numbered RML2313.